requested || minho + red {{icons}}

Anonymous asked
Hello lovely admins! I don't know if anyone has informed you guys but the recommended size for the new twitter header is 1500x500 pixels ! Though there are still a lot of twitter users that have not yet able to change so yeah ^_^ Have a lovely day and thank you for all the hard work! Keep it up and you'll be repaid one day ♥

this is a really cute message haha thank you! 1500x500 it is! very big though, so i think the sizes will depend on how HQ the pictures of your chosen idols will be~

thanks you cutie i hope you have a nice day!


Anonymous asked
iu icons pls ♡

theyre up baba~


requested || IU {{icons}}

requested || jamie {{icons}}

requested || zelo {{icons}}

requested || alice {{icons}}

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I requested for Hello Venus Alice DPs maybe I forgot or I did, I don't remember /slapped

coming up now my dearest~


Anonymous asked
kim woobin's icons, please?

Hi anon! There are two sets of Kim Woobin icons that have already been posted

set 1 by dea

set 2 (b/w) by me

Let us know if you want more! - Mich

Requested | Jungkook Icons

Anonymous asked
can you please make jungkook icons, please;;;

of course~!! 

requested || Yoo ara {{icons}}

Requested | Chorong

Anonymous asked
hello again. the new twitter dimensions for the icon is 400x400

really? o.o that’s quite big. It looks like more of a 250x250px with 300x300px being the max (judging from my friend’s twitter page). But thanks for letting us know either way :-D - Mich

Anonymous asked
Hi guys! My twitter changed last month. So i know the new dimensions of the header. If you go to the settings, it says the recommended dimension is 1500x500. So the ratio is 15:5 rite?

oh thanks for letting us know! I also read that it can be either 1500x500px or 1252x626px.

so, the amount of banners posted will now depend more on the availability of HQ photos (of a certain idol, group, otp etc) - mich