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requested | 140727 lu han twitter pack.

♥ icons: 245x245, .png.
♥ banners: 1500x500, .gif (onetwothreefourall).

requested | kyungsoo icons.

Requested || Myungsoo + suit {{icons}}

Requested || kai + suit {{icons}}

Requested || Jimin {{twitter pack}}

6 icons

4 headers/banners

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requested | bae suzy

Anonymous said:
the perks of being a wallflower

I should probably let Mich answer this but since I’m on right now, I’ll do it- we are a kpop icons blog, hun. You can probably find another blog out there that will take this request, but unfortunately we don’t do requests that aren’t kpop/k-actors/ulzzangs, etc. Try requesting here (I literally googled tumblr icons and they were one of the first results). Have a great day, and don’t hesitate to request something more in the boundaries of what we do! :) -Jess

requested | sustal icons.

Anonymous said:
sustal (krystal and suho) icons please x

I’ll make them after school XD
- Shiho.

Requested | Red Velvet Icons

Anonymous said:
poderia fazer icons do novo grupo da sm o RED VELVET? principalmente icons de cada uma,pode ser? amo seu tumblr

Por supuesto! Gracias por tu solicitud ^^ -Jess

requested | nam woohyun [latest; black&white]

Requested | Chanyong Icons

requested | hoya [recent; black&white]

Anonymous said:
some Chanyong (100%) icons please? :3 thank you ♡

I’ll get started on these now! Thanks for requesting!! ^^ -Jess