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Requested || Onew + smiling {{twitter pack}}

6 icons

4 headers

Click pics for HQ and full size!

Requested || Chanhyuk + ‘Give Love’ era

Requested | Feeldog Icons

Requested | JNey Selca Icons

Anonymous said:
Selca icons of GP Basic/D-Unit's JNey please?

I’ll have these up in a bit! -Jess

Requested | EXO OT11/OT12 Twitter Headers

Download Here: One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

kminjix3 said:
This isnt a request but PLEASE. What is the name of the song on your blog? I swear I've heard it but I can't remember what it's called and I love it

It’s El Dorado by EXO :D

- Shiho.

Requested || Irene {{icons}}

Requested || WonderBoyz + selcas {{icons}}

Requested || Cute Sandeul {{headers}}

requested | sebaek twitter pack.

♥ icons: 245x245, .png.
♥ banners: 1500x500, .gif (onetwothreefourall

Requested | Jaemark Twitter Headers

Download: One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.

Anonymous said:
jaemark/markbum (got7) [jb x mark] headers pretty please? :) i discovered your blog yesterday and it is pretty amazing!

ah sorry for being so late, but i’m doing these now!! -Jess

Requested || Jindeul {{headers}}

Click pics for HQ + full size!

Requested || BAP + ‘Badman’ era {{icons}}