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Anonymous said:
Hello! Can I request for some Woohyun/Hoya icons that shows the upper part of their face?? Like for example, starting from their eyes to their hair? ^^

im going to take this request cause its so fricking cute omg ;;


Requested || CL’s eyesmile {{icons}}

Requested | Taemin Headers

Download: One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven.

Anonymous said:
Can we get some GOT7 headers please? Thanks.

Hiyaa this has actually been a highly demanded request and we’ve done tonnes of got7 headers including ships and solo members.

just look at this tag

if you’d like anything specific (a picture, ship, person, etc) then feel free to request again but since this is a bit vague you can check our tag cause we’ve done millions lol

have a nice day!!


Requested | Taeyeon for Holler

may1889 said:
can you please make Taeyeon (245x245) icons from the holler teasers pictures?

i’ll do it -rae

Requested || D.O {{icons}}

Requested || Jo Boah {{icons}}

Requested || Eunb & RiSe

Rest In Peace, angels. 

Requested || Seunghoon + ‘Colour Ring/Empty’ era {{icons{{

Requested || 2NE1 {{headers}}

Click pics for full size & HQ!

Requested || 2NE1 {{icons}}

Anonymous said:
can you make CL come back home era gifs size 50x50


Requested || Haru {{icons}}

Requested || Jia smiling {{icons}}